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Ultimate Superhero Weapons


Become the hero the world needs with 10+ superhero weapons, each with custom models, abilities and challenging recipes. Use your new powers to fight off evildoers and save the world!

Find the Button


Make your way through different biomes and environments, all in search of well-hidden buttons that could be anywhere! With NPCs and hints to help you on your way, Find the Button is sure to be a great adventure.


Trendy Outfits


Get ready for a wardrobe change! We bring you the latest trendy outfits for this season, complete with sweaters, hoodies, boots and everything else you need to be the most fashionable crafter in town.


Survival of Space


Fulfill your dream of colonizing a distant world. This small outpost in space contains everything you need to survive for a long time. Everything else, from further expansion to discovering more worlds is entirely up to you. Just be careful not to step into the acid pools!


Parkour Legends


Run, jump and win! These parkour expert teens show new fashion styles and play new challenges in this city! Check out these outfits with latest urban clothes, and impress all your friends while you blaze through parkour courses looking like a professional.


Gaming Friends


Do you remember your logins? Are you ready to have an awesome game night? Well, so are these 12 gaming friends of yours, ready for both competitive and casual play.

Elf Delivery Service


Holiday season is just around the corner, and presents need to be handed out. Become Santa's most trusted elf and help deliver all the presents to the village. The faster you go, the more presents you'll get delivered. Happy holidays!

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