Follow these simple steps to get paid!

Create an invoice using an invoice software, as an example.

Step 1. Fill out your full-name, address, country of residence, etc (and your logo! [optional]).

Step 2. In the "Bill To" section, address the invoice to:

```Kerklaan 10 8066PJ, Belt-Schutsloot, The Netherlands

Step 3. Set the Invoice Number (#) to the next invoice for yourself.

Step 4. Set "date" as today's date and set "Due Date" to be the 18th of 1st of the month. (depending on which one comes first.

Step 5. Set the currency on your invoice as USD.

Step 6. In the "Items" section of your invoice, write the the following: (Product Name)

Step 7. In the "Notes" section, mention either: "PayPal:" or "Wise:" or "Bank Transfer"

Step 8. Send your invoice to . We will pay your invoice on or before the due date.

Are you new to sending invoices? Here is an annotated example of what your invoice should look like.